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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


And now. Let me remind you of my-very-own-words-of-wisdom:
Life is a jumping emotion. You cry, you laugh, and you cry, and you laugh. So, enjoy every feeling you have!

Sort of rollercoaster ride, indeed. But I prefer calling it: realistic. My-very-own-words-of-wisdom has been teaching me how to enjoy every detail in my life. It teaches me to appreciate every tiny weeny cutie detail in my life. The result? Simple: I survive another day. With smile :).

I had a great weekend. No, I did not do big wonderful things. It was just a regular weekend but it was very fun. It’s more like… ummm… tallying up some trivial mediocre happiness, and voila… you feel particularly good. I come up with an expression for this: Further-Standard Day, FSD.

So, what kind of trivial-mediocre-happiness, you might ask. Below are some details.

1. I learned that I’m a just an ordinary human being who makes mistakes. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I learned that saying “Sorry, I was wrong, I should not do that,” is actually liberating and lighten the burden.

2. I felt pretty when I woke up on Saturday morning. Saya luluran, hihihih… and put on my fave shirt, and maskeran (yes, everyone! I put a Sariayu masker bengkuang ! Can you imagine that?)

3. I was “di-apel-in” on Saturday nite. Heheheh…! It was a nice feeling to know that someone cares about you. Biarpun yang ngapel vivin, si jeruk makan jeruk kwak kwak kwak…

4. I had telur ceplok (apa ya inggrisnya??) for dinner and a glass of coke. Perfect combination ya?

5. I had a very nice conversation over the phone with Boss-yang-sedang-terserang-malaria-DAN-demam berdarah-sehingga-harus-diterbangkan-dari-Aceh-ke-Surabaya (nyamuk di Aceh luar biasa ya???) on Sunday morning.

6. I enjoy my time making delicious puding for si Boss, and planned to visit him at the hospital. Meskipun nggak jadi (karena dia ternyata sudah bisa pulang ke rumah), but it was fun.

7. I had ayam bakar Batavia-Wearness for dinner on Sunday night. It’s been a while. A bit greasy, but It’s yummy!!!

8. I had the most delicious caramel latte at Excelso with Nita. Talked about silly stuff in the past, including hi-school memory and our experiences with somethings someones somewheres (I’m gratefull to have her here!)

9. Scolding a brimob guy who thought that we were two girlie gals (sbenernya Nita sih yang diliatin) yang bisa digoda-goda! Yes, everyone… Saya bangga bisa nunjuk-nunjuk brimob sialan yang sok galak sambil bilang, “Apa lo??? Jangan nggak respect gitu lo ya!!!” Dan sangat puas melihat tampangnya yang tadi galak, terus jadi keder!!!! It was adrenalin-pumping! (considering he had big gun in his hand!)

10. We laughed when I got scared of a tiny cecak (aduhh lupa..), and she said, “Sama brimob berani, tapi sama cicak teriak-teriak…!”
Yes, I know. If you read each item, it was insignificant. But if I add everything up, then it becomes extraordinary. Like when you translate Bahasa Indonesia to English. You can’t do it word per word. You have to read one full sentence, try to get the sense of it, then you can translate it into good English.

That, my dear readers, is FSD.
Or, you have your own term for this? Gimme shout!

FSD: “Further-Standard Day”, A simple ordinary day
that turns to be great, that makes you feel particularly good, all because you are able to combine several trivial mediocre happiness.


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