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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Cliche Posting...

A long lost friend asked me in our cyber conversation (Chatting!!!) the kind of man I am looking for. (and course a asked too about the kind of woman...)

It did not take seconds for me to answer: "A man who makes me comfortable."

"How?" he insisted. "Give me some explanation."

"You see," I replied, "it is actually an inexplicable thing."

"Ouch. Women are so complicated!"

"Not really. Men are." (Otherwise we women wouldn't be discussing how we shall interpret their gestures, right? Right?).

"Well, he will be the one who I can talk to about anything without ever thinking whether I'm still in the safe zone; the one that I can smile even before I brush my teeth (he he he); and my emotional haven. When I am comfortable with him, his physical appearence doesn't count."

(Smiling icon).=D

"Let me put it this way. When the beauty has faded away, the world turned into rash, and his presence remains being my source of happiness, then he is The One."

(Hand clapping icon. Come on, man! It's sooo seru banget..!)

Cliche or not, it did inspire me to write a short letter to my future partner (miriplah ama tulisa gw ttg seseorang yang akan hadir suatu saat nanti...).

My dear future partner, wherever you are now, or whether you exist or not:

When I lay my eyes on you, I know I am the luckiest woman for having found a soul that clenches mine so perfectly. Around you I feel like the way I am now, and I will be full with excitement for being me. As you love me for who I am, and will love me for what I am going to be.

But better than that, I love you for who you are and will love you for what you are going to be.

You may not wear the latest trend, have the idol look, speak the "gaul" way, sing like Bryan Adams, or come with Brad Pitt's body..

You may be that ordinary guy...with your own style...

You may forget my birthday, never send flowers/chocolates/sejenisnya, and prefer nasi goreng because it's much cheaper...

But the sparkles in your eyes when I come out wearing something different than usual always manages to buoy me. No word is necessary, since time usually stops when our eyes lock and our fingers intertwined.

Your short compliments and encouraging words are all I need to rise my spirit. You are willing to be the shadow, but you are actually the light.

I may not always like you. I may hate it when you refuse to put on a more sophisticated outfit. I might despise your obsession with football games. I may yearn for you to be more attentive -- MY standard of attentiveness, of course (=D kayaknya aku masih dalam mode euphoria single-woman-with-high-standard on deh!).

I can be sure, however, that you will remain being my source of happiness most of the times.

And that years from now, when our wrinkled hands hold each other, it is the eternal comfort that I have always been familiar with. Around you....

"hehehe.. Bruntung banget yang jadih swamih gw kelak, cos gw pasti bakal cuintah banget ama dia...Hoping gw juga dicinta dengan cara yang sama..ehm ehm..ehm.."


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