This is the stories of my life, my thought, also my feeling. Sad, desperate, laugh, happiness...everything. I just hope we all can learn something. Enjoy

Friday, March 03, 2006


oh dear... oh dear...
where's all the laugh? where's all the spirit? where's the strongly-motivated, independent, cheerefull, anxious, adventurous smart girl who knows exactly what to do anytime? Girl who always has comments and suggestions to live betterly? girl who always teaches to see the day and not wasting time to something useless? girl who really know how to get people out of the blue and become an inspiration to many? girl who alwash have faith in love and hope it brings? girl who can find many many funs even from the most boring thing on earth? girl who plays with the rain, with the kids, with the flower, with anything in her reach?


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