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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

National (Sports) Awakening Day

“Watching sports is like watching movie.”
- a friend, forget who -

Im no athlete. Not even sports fan. I’m not really a sports-person. I can swim. But of course, it’s a fun swimming. And I seriously consider walking from Gerbang Ekonomi to Kampus Hukum as a sport he he he...

My other sports-related-experience can be counted with fingers, such as:
- having two older brother who was (and I think ‘is’?) a star on the basketball court, as well as soccer field, as well as swimming pool and the list goes on and on. Now, they are a BIG fans of a Fitness Center

- having a sports-freak father, fanatic spectator of boxing. So crazy that I have to keep the remote control out of his sight on Sunday, or whenever the sport-show is aired.

- I was joining a ‘capoeira’ when I was 'young', but quit because I thought it was not really martial arts. It was more of ‘dancing’ lesson to me.

- reading BOLA tablo for the funny cartoons.

- watching Liga Indonesia at Stadion Gajayana in Malang with Arema. I loved it. Well… I confess... I loved the cheering crowd, so that I can scream to the top of my lungs too.

BUT. I do like watching movie.

And lately, I shifted my film-genre to sports movie. Well… I still think romance-comedies are worth-watching, but these sport-movies made me go woo-hoo-ing, clapping hands, punching the air saying ‘you rock!!!’, and yes… even crying :P (cant help, sorry!).

I watched basket ball movie just now, ’Glory Road’, a true story happened 40 years ago. About coach Don Haskins who trained the first ‘black’ team that won NCAA. Samuel Jackson’s ‘Coach Carter’ is also great basketball movie to watch. As well as Martin Lawrence’s funny ‘Rebound’. A hilarious football movie, Adam Sandler’s ‘The longest ten yard’ is fun. Some soccer movie like ‘Goal’, and oh… the true-story-based movie, ‘The Game of Their Lives’, about America’s soccer team who won the World Cup back in 1950. Another world-championship-true-story movie is Kurt Russel’s ‘Miracle’. It’s about America’s Ice Hockey team who won gold in 1980 Olympics, against the mighty Soviet team.

And oh yeah, girls DO sports too. How bout Dunst’s ‘Bring it On’, ring a bell? I watched it again and again (hehehe… I know one person who will say ‘I do too!’ out loud out there). It’s about cheerleading. Cheerleading as a sports, of course. I watched girls played soccer in ‘Bend it like Beckham’, and enjoy the Indian culture in it. And also ‘Stick it’, with it’s tag line “It’s not called Gym-NICE-tics!”.

The thing about these sport-movies is, they’re inspiring. Those athletes are super-hero in real life. These movies say out loud: You too, can do it! But some terms applied. Only if you work hardest, if you try your best, if you have faith, if you believe in yourself. And also, if you believe that no one can take the spirit out of you.

I wonder why Indonesia hasn’t been producing any of this genre yet. I mean, we DO have world class athlete like Susi Susanti and her hubby also Ricky and Rexy, right? Was it because we have no appreciation of their hard work ‘defending’ the country?

May I ask where is Mardi Lestari right now? Or, aaahh.. I forgot his name, the old Sikh-guy from Medan who hold the athletic record in the Asian games many years ago? Well, I heard he’s pretty old right now, and ‘beg’ for money to eat. And well… Mia Audina left this country without any second thought, no? I also heard many of our athletes was trying hard to find a decent job. I know a karate (or was is tae kwon do?) athlete who once in national team, tried very hard to have a job in a bank, as a security guard. Ah. Isn’t it ironic?

If only I have much money (like you-know-who cronies), I will ask the best script-writer, the best director, and cast some new talents (I don’t want Nicholas Saputra or Dian Sastro!) to make this kinda movie. I bet it will be a hit! And hopefully, we will start being proud of this country.

- another point of view in Hari Kebangkitan Nasional (how patriotic! :P) -

ps: they said you-now-who is getting much better. HAH!


Mbilung said...
For the * you mean Gurnam Singh? the long distance runner? 3 golds in the fourth Asian Games? Dunno who is the **

I watched Space Jam !!!

11:22 PM

budibadabadu said...
yup. it must be him, Gurnam Singh. dia hidup menggelandang skrg.

contoh lain: Hendra Gunawan, mantan atlet sepeda balap peraih 3 medali emas di Asian Games 1962 juga mejalani hari tuanya dengan membuka warung makan kecil di daerah Sukabumi. Rekannya malah ada yg sempat jadi tukang becak.

Ellyas Pical, mantan petinju juara dunia kelas bantam junior versi IBF, jadi satpam diskotek, dan terakhir ditangkap polisi karena kasus narkoba.

Mardi Lestari sempat jadi pegawai Bank Sumut, gitu? Katanya setelah itu juga jadi pelatih atletik di Binjai.

Film olahraga yg saya sukai, Any Given Sunday (Oliver Stone, 1999). Keras, brutal! Masih terbayang waktu Al Pacino bilang, "On any given Sunday you're gonna win or you're gonna lose. The point is, can you win or lose like a man? Whoaaa, keren! Life is a contact sport, play or be played!

12:24 AM

Okol said...
wuehh..ada tuh pebulutangkis yang pernah jadi nomor wahid pada masanya,namanya Liem Swie King, haha..bukan felem olah raga tapi kayaknya, soalnya maen felem sama Eva arnaz......engkau belum lahir saat itu dek...


8:52 PM

Mbilung said...
Nambahin Okol. Jagoan badminton laen, Rudy Hartono, juga pernah maen pelem ama Poppy Dharsono, judulnya "Matinya Seorang Bidadari" ... mbuh ... tahun berapa tuh ya?

11:49 PM

budibadabadu said...
Film Liem Swie King bareng Mbak Eva Arnaz judulnya Sakura dalam Pelukan (Fritz G. Schadt, 1979), dan filmnya Rudy Hartono, Matinya Seorang Bidadari itu tahun 1971, sutradaranya Wahyu Sihombing.

12:17 PM

a girl said...
Yeah, Any Given Sunday is my all-time fave in relation to sport flick. In the second best is League of Their Own, the second time when Madge (Madonna-red) really acts, after Evita. And I really love the grumpy sarcastic Tom Hanks in this movie. What else, what else? The third place is the same like u, Bend It like Beckham. This is prolly the only soccer flick I can watch without yawning to death. Aah ya, tho it's kinda corny and typical, I love the hockey-movie starring Russel Crowe (in his earlier years) which title I totally forget, damn! Budibadabadu maybe can help? [grin]

I don't really watch sport movie, tho. For me it's too typical. U won't find surprise in this kinda movie becos u'll know from the start that they're gonna win. =))

3:46 PM

ristretto said...
Percaya ngga percaya
Gue udah pernah ngeliat Ian Thorpe langsung.
Lebih dari sekali pula!


5:10 PM

Dina said...
Retto!! U WATCH IAN THORPE...??? The AUSTRALIAN THORPEDO??? Ugghh, Man! I was drooling and wanted to throw my self in the pool coz he's swimmin’ hot! ha ha ha...UPS!!

rizal said...
It's Jerry MacGuire's "you complete me".

8:00 PM

Mbilung said...
a girl : Russel Crowe ... hockey ... Mystery Alaska? In this movie, dia kalah. eh bener nggak sih?? :-)
Satu lagi film olah raga russel crowe, cinderella man.

12:20 AM

a girl said...
Mbilung: Ya ya Mystery Alaska. Iya, dia kalah secara terhormat. Urm... kalau nggak salah ya? Haha, teteeeeup.

9:12 AM

Mbilung said...
Two more! sorry cann't help it. Cool Running and Remember the Titans.

6:37 AM


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