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Friday, September 01, 2006

-Don't Cha Wanna Ride..-

...[Suara drum menggebuk dengan tempo sedang]...

"I know you got the hummer for the summer baby
But I got your number baby
I got your number baby

I was trying to protect you from yourself
'Cause I respect you
And I feel like you just might
Be some one who I could get into
But I never seem to catch your eye
And it's been buggin' me why I even try
Still you're someone I'd like to get to know
Is there room for me in your one-man show

A car this fine don't pass your way everyday
Don't cha wanna ride baby?
Time is slipping by, by, by
Slipping by

I was trying to connect with you
But you acted scared when I'm checkin you
And all my girls say you're hard to please
But I think that I got just what you need
Get your face out of the mirror
Then maybe you could consider
This girl who's knockin' right at your door
Make room for me in your one-man show

I know you got the hummer for the summer baby
But I got your number baby
I got your number baby

I know where you live
I know all 'bout your crib
But do you know that they can't give you what I give"

...[musik fade out]...

"...Ya itulah satu tembang manis dari Joss Stone yang berjudul Don't Cha Wanna Ride, diambil dari albumnya Mind Body & Soul. Lagu tadi khusus saya putarkan karena diminta oleh Dina di Blimbing. Lagu ini ditujukan Dina kepada seseorang disana, salam manis katanya. Wah, tampaknya dina masih malu-malu ya, heheheh... Hokeeh... sebelum kita lanjutkan dengan permintaan selanjutnyadari bang Mamat di Pasar Baru, kita dengarkan dulu berita RRI berikut ini..."


hehehe...ada siaran radio masuk blog :p
Posted by Hedi | 8:37 PM

ah dikau ... terima kasih buat kiriman lagunya ya.
Posted by Mbilung | 9:37 AM

pak hedi:hehehehe... mungkin gak ya RRI muterin Joss Stone :P? err... tapi mungkin justru pertanyaan yang lebih baik adalah: mungkin gak ya, dina dengerin RRI dan request2 lagu? hahahaha!
pak mbilung: wah. ada yang geer :P
Posted by Dina | 11:08 AM

She is something indeed.
Posted by Silverlines | 11:19 AM

Halo Uni Dina, yoyok nih, request lagunya de Java dong, izzi listening euy
Posted by Anonymous | 12:01 PM